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Course From Folks IT like online Operating System course is designed by the expert industrial Trainers. This course will help you improve your skills and knowledge, get certified and also hire easily

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Learning Problems…

Learning Problems and reducing the gap between online and traditional training

Distance learning was always there but due to Covid-19, distance education took the format of online education. Many technologies are being used to provide online education. Students need to have a laptop, mobile, or a tablet along with a fast internet connection. The education is provided by using various tools like Google Meet, Zoom etc. The tools should be installed on the electronic devices of teachers and students. There are a few problems with the technology and these include administration, method of giving instructions and discipline.

Response of education sector during Covid-19 pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have emerged which are providing free as well as paid IT Certifications Online. People are hesitating but still sending their children for such classes. Online education may have bright future.

Difference between traditional and online education

There are many differences between traditional and online education and we will see some of them here.

Social interaction

In the case of online education, students can take up one to one classes. In such a case, a student will be indirect contact with the instructors. In the case of traditional education, such a thing can happen only if the student takes tuitions separately. The student has to pay the teacher separately. IN the case of online IT Training, students have to navigate to online portal and chat with their instructors.


The traditional classes have to be arranged at a specific time and location. The classes have to be arranged as per the timetable given to the students. In rational training, there can be situations when students are unable to attend classes. In such cases, there are denied to give the exam. There are no such situations in online classes. Teachers can take up live sessions and also record the videos of each session. If a student misses on or more classes, he can watch those videos and give the exam.

Classroom setting

In traditional classrooms, a teacher has to teach many students and the most difficult thing is to maintain discipline. If a student or a group of students have to ask some questions or clear their doubts, they have to meet the teacher separately after the class. Online classes also take the same path but in these classes, students can also opt for one on one class. If there is a group of students, it can maximum have 10 to 15 students. Teaching a limited number of students in an online class is easy and students will get more knowledge. The main concern in the online classes is practical classes. In traditional classes, students have physical access to the equipment which can be used for doing science practicals. Such a facility is not available in the case of online classes. Students may see what is happening in the videos but they will have to purchase the equipment to perform the practicals. Such things can also lead to accidents if the mentor is not available.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the differences between traditional and online classes and students have to choose which one will be beneficial for them.

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